Laplace Family

Since 1927, three generations of winegrowers have succeeded each other at the Château Aydie. The Laplace family has a place in the appellation’s history, holding the title “Owner - Harvester” in: AOP Madiran and AOP Pacherenc du Vic Bilh.

Discover the key dates in our brief history below…

History of the family with strong ties to its terroir











Frédéric Laplace, owner and harvester at the Château d’Aydie.
It was he who truly established the vineyard, putting it at the forefront of the region’s mixed farming.

A mistelle (wine fortified with brandy) came into being, with a Tannat base, a forerunner of Maydie. Frédéric tucked a few small casks away in the cellar, fortifying the grape juice with spirits. The result? A treat for the palate of exquisitely good taste, to rapidly become a little surprise served at the Château.

Pierre Laplace succeeded to take his father’s place at the head of the operation; he continues assiduously with the plantations and management of the vineyard's lands.

First commercialization of the estate’s own bottles. André Daguin, the famous Gascon chef happened to taste a sample… and fell in love. As a result, there was a first order: 4000 bottles.
This was an enormous step for the Laplace family… And the start of an adventure that has continued ever since.

First Jean Luc, then his brothers assisted by Marie, work on technical definitions, seeking the best terroirs and developments in vinification, of especially the Tannat grape.

First production of Tannat on the clayish-calcareous slopes of the Madiran region. The demonstration that a grape variety can express itself differently on a given soil, enriching blends while bringing strength, character but also balance and a refreshing nature.

Acquisition of the Château, which becomes the estate’s showcase.

Maydie comes into being

First high-density planting of Tannat (over 8000 vines per hectare), for low yield per vine, for concentration and complexity.


Today Marie, Jean Luc, François and Bernard Laplace, owners and harvesters at the Château d’Aydie, work for the sustainability of the vineyard,
working as well to promote the appellation.
At the Château d’Aydie, a variety of cuvees are produced on the estate’s 58 hectares, to be offered to food and wine lovers the world over.
Tomorrow will bring the fourth generation… Among the children and nephews, here and there a wish becomes apparent to follow in the footsteps and continue to make the Château d’Aydie live.

Château d'Aydie: the family estate

  • Surface area: 52 hectares
  • Appellation: Madiran & Pacherenc du Vic Bilh
  • Owner: the Laplace family
  • Location: Aydie

The Château d’Aydie commands a slope, with the Pyrenees for a backdrop. It was a grand Belle Epoque villa belonging to the writer Béarnais Joseph Peyré, winner of the Goncourt literary prize in 1935.

At the heart of this wine estate, we bring out the best in the terroirs for exceptional wines, including the two historic cuvees: Château d’Aydie and Odé d’Aydie, the jewels among our wines.

Mouréou-Chapelle Lenclos: Ducournau Family, Laplace Family

The pursuit of excellence

  • Surface area: 6 hectares
  • Appellation: Madiran
  • Owner: Patrick Ducournau
  • Location: Maumusson-Laguian, Gers

Patrick Ducournau, cousin to the Laplace family, in 2005 entrusted us with running his properties, Mouréou and Chapelle Lenclos. Since then he has devoted himself to
his business as a consultant and researcher on vinification and aging of wines, more specifically on the technique of micro-oxygenation which we developed jointly.

A very precise set of specification guides us in supervising the work on the vines and in the cellar.
In a spirit of true work together and trust in each other, we have together developed ever more expressive wines, in the region’s character, to be enjoyed with others.
We put everything we know into extracting the fullest expression of the estate’s lands in its wines, maintaining this style, yet with finesse.